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We made FenessyPad to help your daily work. During the years we used many mouse pads but most of the time something was missing from them or it just got damaged quickly.

We are really proud to present our new pad which will have a rightful place at your desk as well.

Please watch our video, in which we are presenting all information you could know about the FenessyPad.


If you have already decided to buy FenessyPad as an individual or for

your employees we are offering you

our package sending opportunity.

Taking this offer you can surprise your business partners. You can choose the delivery suitable for you. We are transporting FenessyPad all over the world to provide comfort and quality to our customers. Our Pads are packed in stuffed, thick cardboard by careful hands to be protected during the transport.

We find it very important to present

you a quality product with functions designed for your needs. After the long period of designing and testing we have created FenessyPad, which will take the rightful place next to the latest computer keyboards. For having perfect design the Pad is made with cutting edge technology by a 3mm thick aluminum panel. Due to the production process the high quality is guaranteed in case

of low quantities ordered as well. The anodic anodized aluminum surface ensures the lowest friction and perfect reflection of the laser optics. This surface protects the product from damage and being stained. Additional advantage of the aluminum is the great thermal-conductivity which reduces the sweatiness of the hands. If you are using an application which needs smooth mouse operation we highly recommend you the FenessyPad.

Customize your FenessyPad by having on your own company logo or motto!

As an extra service we can make your AR marker which helps you to achieve a higher level in advertising. (About AR marker you can find more information under the AR Project menu.)

Download our FenessyAR application from AppStore or GooglePlay.










 Ask for custom offer to make your own AR marker. Texts and logos are made with laser engraving. Thus gives elegance to the products. About the requirements of the engraving you can find more information in this menu.


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